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The environment - essay -

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Fehler? Verbesserungsvorschläge? wäre euch sehr danke...muss bis montag 10 englisch essays lernen...will ja schließlich meine fremdsprachenassistenten-prüfung bestehen ^^

The Environment

Environmental issues have become hot topics in the recent years. Although there is widespread concern about problems such as global warming and climate change,
the majority of people neither realize the true scale of the problems nor fully appreciate the devastating social repercussions.

Climate change is the biggest challenge that we face in the world today. It is already leading to significant changes in the world’s physical environment. Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent. Glaciers are melting. Sea ice and snow cover are declining. Animals and plants are responding to an earlier spring.

Although we are currently concerned about global warming caused by mankind`s enhancement of the natural greenhouse effect through greenhouse gas pollution, the Earth`s climate has fluctuated many times in the past in response to natural mechanisms of climate change. Such changes in global climate have also occurred over much longer time scales, from hundreds and thousands of years to millions and hundreds of millions of years. In fact the current global warming trend which began at the end of the 19th century spans only a tiny fraction of the Earth`s climatic history.
The overall state of the global climate is largely determined by balance between energy the Earth receives from the Sun and the heat which the Earth releases back to space, called the global energy balance. Many causes of climate change involve processes that alter the global energy balance. The enhanced greenhouse effect is a potential cause of climate change because the extra quantities of greenhouse gases put into the air by mankind trap more heat in the atmosphere. This upsets the global energy balance and causes a rise in global surface temperature. Although most scientists agree that global warming is the result of the enhanced greenhouse effect, natural processes can also upset the global energy balance in this way, causing similar rises in global temperature. A change in the amount of energy received by the Sun for example has often been proposed as the cause of global warming. The challenge facing scientists is to establish beyond doubt a link between global warming and man-made greenhouse gas pollution.
Global warming is an extremely severe problem facing the world today. It is an increase in the earth`s temperature, which can be caused by the use of fossil fuels, and industrial or agricultural processes. Man-made emissions of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide have increased, largely as a result of the burning of fossil fuels for energy and transportation. In the last 20 years, concern has grown that these two phenomena are, at least in part, associated with each other. That is to say, global warming is now considered most probably to be due to the increases in greenhouse gas emissions and concurrent increases in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations, which have enhanced the Earth`s natural greenhouse effect. Whilst other natural causes of climate change can cause global climate to change over similar periods of time, computer models demonstrate that in all probability there is a real discernible human influence on the global climate. In addition to impacts on wildlife and species biodiversity, human agriculture, forestry, water resources and health will all be affected. Such impacts will be related to changes in precipitation of rainfall and snowfall, sea level, and the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, resulting from global warming. It is expected that the societies currently experiencing existing social, economic and climatic stresses will be both worst affected and least able to adapt. These will include many in the developing world, low-lying islands and coastal regions, and the urban poor.
The effects and causes of global warming have been on the rise and people need to do something about it before the problem gets any worse. We could start with exchanging normal lights into energy saving light-bulbs. In addition we could make short journeys on foot or by bike instead of using a motorbike or a car to prevent the increase of carbon dioxide. There are too many cars on the road, so it would be better if everybody tried to form carpools and if this is not possible we could use public transport. Besides that we could use hybrid-cars, which use a rechargeable energy storage system to supplement fossil fuel energy for vehicle propulsion. Hybrid engines are smaller and more efficient than traditional fuel engines. Some hybrid vehicles use regenerative braking to generate electricity while travelling. The term "Hybrid Vehicle" can also refer to a vehicle engine that uses a combination of different fuels such as petroleum and ethanol.To save the future of the world we could also use the water from garden butts for saving. After watching TV or listening to music, we could put off the stand-by button. In addition we could buy biodegradable products and we could use solar or wind energy. While brushing our teeth we could turn off the water tap. The easiest thing to contribute something to save the future is if we recycled our rubbish correctly; put everything in the right bin.
At the end we could not only save the future a little bit, we would also save a lof of money.

Germany is one of the best countries with recycling. The Green Dot system has been one of the most successful recydling initiatives, which has put packaging on a diet. Manufacturers and retailers have to pay for a „Green Dot“ on products, the more packaging there is, the higher the fee. A major part of the success of this program is the proper sorting of garbage.
Let’s start with glass: Any kind of bottle or glass that is non-returnable and on which you id not pay a deposit belongs in the glass bins. Glass is sorted by color which are green, brown and clear glass. Now I willgo on with paper:All packaging made up of paper such as catalogues and newspapers belong in the green bins or in the blue bags. Plastics and everything with the Green Dot belong in the yellow bin. Biological waste is almost 50 % of the total garbage produced in Germany. The bio-stuff can be thrown on a compost heap or to a separate brown bin. The last bin is the grey bin which is the destiny of almost the rest. Everything in the grey bins will be incinerated. If you have hazardous waste such as batteries you have to look for a small bin at your local shopping area. You can give garbake like furniture to the seondhand dealers.

The USA is one of the largest waste producing nation in the world, because of high costs recycling isn’t as advantaged as in the EU. Just 10 % of 56 tons of waste gets recycled per year. But in some states like California and Oregon, established diposites valused on drink cartons or bottles must be reused or recycled. Even in New York City and Seattle you get a fine if you throw away recyclable materials. Quite the reserve, Germany is very succesful in waste disposal. They have a system which is called „The Green Dot“. A major part of the success of the program is the proper sorting of garbage.

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<<<<<<<<<<<<Wohin mit bio fuels.....was über hydro-powered cars suchen<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

A biofuel is difficult to define. Most of the fossil fuels we use are biological in nature. Perhaps we have to say that a biofuel is one that does not add to the stock of total carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These are plant forms that, typically, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and give up the same amount when burnt. Naturally, all the other fossil fuels have done the same, but we are talking about a time scale of one or two years for the biofuels, whereas the fossil fuels can only be considered on a time scale measured in millions of years.
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warum versuchst du dein englisch nicht einmal weniger "deutsch" klingen zu lassen. versuch auch mal nicht soviel fachwörter zu nutzen, sondern versuch zu usmchreiben (außer es geht wirklich nicht anders). aber dies formt dein sprachgefühl und ausdruck ungemein.

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abladen, ablagernto dumpOld washing machines have been dumped near the beach.
abschirmen vonto screen fromYou should screen your eyes from the sun when hiking in the mountains.
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Abwärmewaste heatThe use of waste heat will reduce electricity consumption.
AbwassersewageSewage, used water, comes from factories and households.
Altpapierwaste paperRecycling waste paper is a favourable method.
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ArtenvielfaltbiodiversityWhat about an evening stroll to look at the biodiversity in our park?
AtmosphäreatmosphereThe Earth's atmosphere is a thin layer of gases that surrounds the Earth.
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Auspuffgaseexhaust fumesOver the past month officers have been stopping vehicles in Manchester to test exhaust fumes.
aussterbento die outAnimals are dying out far more often than you might think.
ausstoßento emitSulphur gases were emitted by the spewing volcano.
austrocknen, vertrockenento dry up, to parchDuring the long time of drought many rivers have dried up/parched.
Bauholz, NutzholztimberTimber is wood for building ships and houses.
bedrohento menaceHurricane Hugo menaced the US coast for seven days.
bekämpfento combatThere should be stricter laws to combat air pollution.
belastento loadThe owners of the local factories are loaded with new environmental laws.
beschädigento harmPollution can harm animals and the environment.
Beseitigung, EntsorgungdisposalUnfortunately, fewer people know of the disposal of hazardous waste.
bewusstto be awareI think my neighbour isn't aware of polluting the environment.
biologisch abbaubarbiodegradableAll our products are biodegradable.
BiosphärebiosphereThe biosphere is the part of the earth's atmosphere and surface in which animals and plants can live.
bleifreiunleadedUnleaded petrol is less harmful to the environment.
BodensoilSoil is the top layer of the earth in which trees, plant etc. grow.
dahinsiechend, kränkelnto ailThe huge trees had been ailing for years before they were cut down.
DämpfefumesThe lava gives off clouds of toxic fumes as it flows into the Pacific Ocean.
drohento threatenToxic chemical substances threaten sea turtles.
DüngemittelfertilizerFertilizers are chemicals given to plants with the intention of promoting growth.
durchsickernto leakOil leakedout of the tank.
DürredroughtDrought had ruined the crops year after year.
Energieeinsparungenergy conservationEnergy conservation is a process of saving energy.
Energiequelleenergy sourceSpace energy is one of the energy sources of the future.
energiesparendenergy-efficientEnergy-efficient windows help to lower your heating costs.
Entwicklung (Evolution)evolutionThe introduction of cloned plants will affect evolution.
ErdbebenearthquakeOn April 18, 1906, shortly after 5:00 am, a great earthquake struck San Francisco.
Erdgasnatural gas61 percent of US households used natural gas for heating in 2002.
ErdwärmegeothermalThe first geothermal power station was built in Landrella, Italy.
preservationHe is interested in historic preservation.
erneuerbarrenewableA renewable energy system converts the energy found in sunlight, wind, falling water, waves, geothermal heat, or biomass.
ErosionerosionWind and water are the main agents of soil erosion.
Erwärmungglobal warmingThey started a campaign to slow down the process of global warming.
FischdampfertrawlerTrawlers are not permitted on the lake.
fällento chop downPoor people often chop down trees for firewood.
fruchtbarfertileFertile land is land where things grow easily.
gefährdet, vom Aussterben bedrohtendangeredThe sea turtle is an endangered species.
GenehmigungpermissionAsk permission for the privilege to cross private land.
GezeitentideThe tide is in/out.
Gift, SchadstoffpoisonThe cat was killed by rat poison.
giftigpoisonousShe has lots of poisonous plants in her garden.
Giftmülltoxic wasteA ship with toxic waste sank.
Giftmülldeponietoxic waste dumpThe toxic waste dump was built.
GleichgewichtbalanceNature's balance might be disturbed.
Hilfsmaßnahmeremedial actionThe Great Lakes Remedial Action Plan Program was created in 1987.
Hitzewelleheat waveSlow down and avoid strenuous activity if a heat wave is happening.
HungersnotfamineThe Irish Famine of 1846-50 took as many as a million lives from hunger and disease.
HungertodstarvationStarvation is the most severe form of malnutrition.
Industrieabfallindustrial wasteIndustrial waste can contain small amounts of radioactive materials.
Isolierung (Material)insulationOften glass fibre is used as roof insulation.
Katalysatorcatalytic converterSince 1993 catalytic converters have been compulsory in Britain.
KatastrophecatastropheThe Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (FHCF) was created in November 1993.
Kläranlagesewage plantThe city needs to have a sewage plant.
KlärschlammsludgeSludge is often used on agricultural land.
KlimaclimateThe Mediterranean climate is good for growing citrus fruits.
Kohlendioxidcarbon dioxideThe concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is low.
Kohlenmonoxidcarbon monoxideCarbon monoxide is emitted by cars.
KohlenstoffcarbonCarbon is a chemical substance contained in all plants and animals.
KohlenwasserstoffhydrocarbonVarious hydrocarbons have been found in Jupiter's atmosphere.
Kraftwerkpower stationPower stations are only about 40 per cent efficient.
Kühlmittelcooling agentCooling agents are expensive.
Küstengewässercoastal watersMany bays and coastal waters have been contaminated with heavy metals.
LebewesencreatureIs there a sea creature or not?
LösungsmittelsolventBenzene and turpentine are solvents.
marine lifeAround the islands marine life is seriously threatened by oil slick.
Meeresspiegelsea levelDeath Valley lies 86 metres (282 feet) below sea level.
Müllhaldedumping groundCity canals are often used as dumping grounds.
Mülltrennungwaste separationDo you know how to do waste separation?
NiederschlagprecipitationRain, snow, hail and sleet are types of precipitation.
OberflächesurfaceAbout 70% of the Earth's surface is covered with water.
ÖkologieecologyOil pollution could damage the ecology of the costs.
ÖkosystemecosystemJordan appealed for assistance to
help save the ecosystem of the Dead Sea, whose water level is dropping.
Ölteppichoil slickLarge oil slicks were found near the coast.
Ozonschichtozone layerThe ozone layer screens out the sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation.
Polkappenthe polar ice capsIf the polar ice caps melt, the ocean levels rise.
Rauch, QualmfumeWorkers are exposed to fumes from asphalt.
RegenwaldrainforestTropical rainforests are the Earth's oldest living ecosystems.
reinigen, säubernto purifyYou can purify water with two chemicals: chlorine bleach and iodine.
Reinigungsmittel (chemisch)detergentTry to use detergents that are perfume free.
SauerstoffoxygenThe cells need oxygen to survive.
saurer Regenacid rainAcid rain is very harmful to the environment.
schädlichto be harmfulAir pollution is harmful to everyone.
SchmutzdirtThe dirt has been removed from the ground.
schützento protectRussia wants to protect the environment in the Baltic region.
Schwermetallheavy metalLess heavy metal has been introduced by air into the Baltic Sea since the 1990s.
Spraydoseaerosol, sprayAerosol sprays are the worst cause of pollution in the home.
StaubdustDo not inhale the dust, it's dangerous.
StrahlungradiationRadiation is used for medical reasons.
StratosphärestratosphereThe ozone layer is within the stratosphere.
Treibhauseffektgreenhouse effectThe greenhouse effect is the rise in temperature caused by gases in the atmosphere.
ÜberdüngungoverfertilizationOverfertilization is a common problem.
UmweltenvironmentWe must protect the environment.
Umweltschützer/inenvironmentalistEnvironmentalists are people who love the natural world.
unbehandeltuntreatedCoastal cities often dump their untreatened waste into the sea.
UnglückdisasterThe recent earthquake in India is a disaster.
untergraben, unterspülento erodeIt took about 67,000 years to erode the Grand Canyon.
VermeidungpreventionThe prevention of litter is very important.
to diminishThe people try to diminish the pollution of the water.
verschmutzento pollutePlease do not pollute the air.
VerschmutzungpollutionAir pollution is a problem for all of us.
verschwindento disappearMany species disappeared in the last century.
verseuchento contaminateThe soil has been contaminated.
VerstädterungurbanizationUrbanization is a worldwide trend.
Viehhaltung (automatisiert)factory farmingIs factory farming a way of animal abuse?
Waldsterbendeath of the forestsThe death of the forests is a big problem in Europe.
wiederverwertbarreusableThere are two kinds of plastic bottles: reusable bottles and single-service bottles.
wiederverwertento recycleThis carton is made from recycled paper.
Windenergiewind energyWind energy is widely used in South Africa for water pumping.
Windparkwindpark/windfarmOffshore windfarms have been built.
zerstörento destroyThe house was completely destroyed by fire.
ZerstörungdestructionThe use of renewable sources could stop the destruction of the rainforests.

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