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Victory Day Bangladesh Essay Scholarships

December 16 is a national victory day of Bangladesh. This day is celebrated all over the country and in the whole world. This day is locally known as “Bijoy Dibos”. Here, “Bijoy” means “Victory” and “Dibos” means “Day”. On this day in 1971, West Pakistani (Present Pakistan) Army surrendered to the Bangladesh after the 9 month long liberation war and as result, Bangladesh gained her victory. Now this day is a national holiday in Bangladesh and people celebrate this day with great joy. All the people enjoy this day with parades and paying respect at the
National Memorial at Savar near Dhaka.

On 16 December, victory day mainly associated with parades, political speeches, fairs, concerts, and ceremonies, and various other public and private events for celebrating the history of Bangladesh. Because in 1971, on this day, Bangladesh gained her victory which was established by the thousands of Bengali peoples blood and life. Not only Bangladesh gained her victory on that day but also Bangladesh gained her proper respect and rights.

After the night of March 25 in 1971, when the Operation Searchlight was started, Pakistani Army killed thousands of Bengali people in only one night and as a result, the Bangladesh liberation war was broke out. On that night, the main reinforcement was Dhaka, Khulna, Chittagong, Comilla, Jessore, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Saidpur and Sylhet, areas where West Pakistani army units were concentrated. Pakistani Army also arrested Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and other top class political leaders, intellectual persons and some students. But the next day onMarch 26 in 1971, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared the Bangladesh’s independence and on 28 March in 1971, Major Ziaur Rahman made another announcement of the Bangladesh’s independence.

But after that announcement, Bangladesh liberation war was broke out into the whole country. After the hard fighting, lots of people sacrificed their life for the victory and 7 Bir Sreshthos made a great contribution in the history. But finally on 16 December in 1971, Pakistani Army surrendered to the joint liberation forces of Bangladesh freedom fighters and Indian army Headed by Lt. Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora (the Allied forces commander) in Dhaka. Air vice Marshall A. K Khondoker represented the Bangladesh freedom fighters. Pakistan General A. A. K. Niazi (Commanding officer of the Pakistani Armed Forces) signed the surrender letter. As a result, Bangladesh totally gained her victory in 16 December, 1971 after the 9 month long liberation war with an unconditional surrender of the West Pakistani Army. At least 3 million people were martyred in this war.

Now this day is observed all the over the country with joy and respect because this victory day marks the separation of East Pakistan (Present Bangladesh) from West Pakistan (Present Pakistan). Thirty one gun salutes is conducted in the morning. TV and radio stations broadcast their special programs. The leader of the country pays the tribute to the martyrs at the National Memorial. Patriotic songs are play in all the channels and the whole country. The main streets are decorated with national flag. It is an essential day in the Bangladesh’s history and this day remember us the born of Bangladesh.

Victory Day of Bangladesh. You can use this article as victory day of Bangladesh paragraph or our victory day composition and also as Victory Day of Bangladesh Essay. I am very confident about this article. Therefore, you can use this as victory day speech. This article shows the journey from the beginning of the liberation war.

About the victory day of Bangladesh:

About the victory day of Bangladesh- The most significant achievement of our national life is the victory day of 1971 through liberation war. After a nine-month of war, we achieve this victory day on 16th December 1971 by defeating the Brutal Pakistani. On that day our Bangladesh became independent. We get an independent and great Sovereign country named Bangladesh. An own map of the world and a proud flag.

We got the right to raise our head to the world and can say we are the people of Bangladesh. This pride of this victory and independence will live forever.

Bijoy dibosh Bangladesh:

Bijoy Dibosh Bangladesh is a very happy celebrating moment for all Bangladeshis. The victory day of Bangladesh is known as “Bijoy Dibosh” in Bangla. People of Bangladesh welcome this day with busting Fireworks. Many cultural programs also held on this day. Bangla traditional programs get priorities on this event. People also send victory day SMS to their dearest ones.

Victory day of Bangladesh history in short:

Victory day of Bangladesh history is the saddest history ever. There are a lot of struggles behind this victory. The Pakistani military attacked the innocent people of Bangladesh. They killed lots of people, raped the women, looted people’s property and also burnt their residence.

The people of Bangla wanted to prevent this torture. They protested against this-torture and declared war against Pakistan. As a result, in 16th December 1971 the Pakistani Military Surrender to the Bengali forces. For this, this day called “Victory day of Bangladesh.”

Although, all the countries of the world have independence day. But none of them has victory day. Bangladesh is the only country who has this pride and luck.

Victory day celebration in Bangladesh:

The Victory day celebration in Bangladesh celebrated on December 16, in every year with sentimentality by the state. Victory day of Bangladesh is our national day. By establishing a free and educated society, we can gain the real achievement of Victory day. One party rule or military rule has hampered our progress repeatedly.

We have failed to achieve political stability, on the other hand, we are much ahead of agriculture, education, health, and socio-economic indicators. We must go ahead by remaining All kinds of violence and hostility behind. We should work together for the betterment of our country and the people.

Victory day of Bangladesh drawing:

Victory day of Bangladesh drawing is an event for the children. As it is a great day for all the people of Bangladesh, lots of events are organized by different organizations. This day is also special to all parents to teach their children about the movement and achievement of real Bangladeshi heroes. On this day drawing competition are also arranged for the children in front of Bangladesh parliament House.

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