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Lady Feeding The Cats Analysis Essay


Shuffling along in her broken shoes from the slums,
A blue-eyed lady showing the weather's stain,
Her long dress green and black like a pine in the rain,
Her bonnet much bedraggled, daily she comes
Uphill past the Moreton Bays and the smoky gums
With a sack of bones on her back and a song in her brain
To feed those outlaws prowling about the Domain,
Those furtive she-cats and those villainous toms.

Proudly they step to meet her, they march together
With an arching of backs and a waving of plumy tails
And smiles that swear they never would harm a feather.
They rub at her legs for the bounty that never fails,
They think she is a princess out of a tower,
And so she is, she is trembling with love and power.


Meat, it is true, is meat, and demands attention,
But this is the sweetest moment that they know
Whose courtship even is a hiss, a howl and a blow.
At so much kindness passing their comprehension
—Beggars and rogues who never deserved this pension—
Some recollection of old punctilio
Dawns in their eyes, and as she moves to go
They turn their battered heads in condescension.

She smiles and walks back lightly to the slums.
If she has fed their bodies, they have fed
More than the body in her; they purr like drums,
Their tails are banners and fountains inside her head.
The times are hard for exiled aristocrats,
But gracious and sweet it is to be queen of the cats.

Douglas Stewart Essay



Douglas Stewart Essay

Douglas Stewart is a poet that uses many different types of poetry and poetic devices. He usually writes about nature in his poems (Snow Gum, The wombat, The lizards, The lady feeding the cats) and writes as though the animals are his old friends. He uses a lot of your senses in the poems. Stewart often goes out and experiences the things he writes about. This makes the bond with nature and himself stronger.

The wombat
In this poem Stewart relates to nature by writing about how the wombat acts to him and what he thinks of the wombat.
"Was there some thud of foot in the mist and the silence
That stiffens whisker and ear in sound's fierce absence"
He writes in a humorous tone -
"Poor lump of moveable clay, snuffling and blinking.
Too thick in the head to know what thumps in your thinking"
He uses imagery to give a lot of effects.
He uses Similes -
"Plunging like red flood water"
This gives the effect of the wombat plunging down at a very fast speed.
He uses Metaphors -
"Ha there! Old pig, old bear, old bristly and gingery"
This gives the effect that he thinks he is a good old friend with the wombat.
He uses Consonance -
"We have one mother, good brother; it is Her laughter
That sends you now snorting and plunging like red floodwater"
Here he says to the wombat we have one mother bringing them closer together.
Onomatopoeia -
Thumps, Trembling, Thud
This is used to make more of your senses being used when reading the poem
Repetition -
"Old pig, old bear, old bristly and gingerly."
This is used to emphasise what the writer is trying to convey.
This was my favourite of all his poems I have read because I liked how he made it humorous and made the wombat look like a fat old lazy animal.

The lizards
This poem is about a lizard that loves his wife no matter what she looks like and then his wife is stolen. Stewart relates to animals in this poem by explaining the lizards behaviour and appearance and the area in which it lives.
"Maybe it's you the plovers mean when they open their
beaks and scream."
He uses imagery
Similes -
"Her eyes are as red as bulldog ants"
"The broken ridge like a bullocks ribs"
Metaphors -
"Her body is made of the speckled grass"
Meaning her body is green
"My wife is a lovely leathery green"
This shows how something can love something else when someone else can hate it.
Consonance -
"Her body is made of the speckled grass, a violet grows on
her tongue
And I could watch her for fifty years if nobody blundered
This shows how much the lizard loves his wife.
Alliteration -
"I think I'd be taking another track, and I wouldn't stop
To talk."
"Over the valley the gum-trees grow, the vast blue ranges
This helps create the rhythm in the poem
Onomatopoeia -
Gasp, scream, crumbling.
Helps use all your senses and gives more expression to the poem.
Repetition -
"But I am forced to gasp an claw and roll and fight in a
If I am forced to fight in the dirt under the blue of the
Repetition is used to emphasise a point.
I thought this poem was ok.

Snow Gum
This poem is about a snow gum that is perfect from every aspect in the writers' opinion. He relates to nature through this poem by describing how much he loves and admires it.
"It is the trees perfection now shown in clear reflection"
He uses imagery -
Similes -
"Like flakes of soft grey stone"
Metaphors -
"Flowering of light on snow"
Out of the granite's eternity
Out of the winter's long enmity.
I didn't really like this poem because it wasn't on a topic I like.

Lady Feeding The Cats
This poem is about a poor old lady that feeds some left out homeless cats even when she has no food for herself. Stewart writes this poem so that it is not a sad poem but he admires the lady for what she does.
Imagery -
Similes -
"Her long dress green and black like a pine in the rain."
Metaphor -
"She is trembling with love and power"
Repetition -
"And so she is, she is trembling"
Repetition -
Used to emphasise something
The idea Stewart is trying to convey is that even though this lady lives

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