Mcs-032 Solved Assignment 2013 Honda

There are eight questions in this assignment, which carried 80 marks. Rest 20
marks are for viva-voce. Answer all the questions. Please go through the guidelines
regarding assignments given in the Program Guide for the format of presentation.
Use diagram as part of answer wherever required for better explanation.

1. What is OOAD? Explain concepts of generalization and
specialization in OOAD, with the help of examples.

2. What is class diagram ? Draw class diagram for Online Banking

3. Explain advantage of use case diagram? Draw use case diagram for
Online Banking System.

4. Draw a sequence diagram for Online Movie Ticket Booking

5. (a) What is inheritance ? Explain its advantages.

    (b) What is dynamic modeling? Explain its advantages

6. Explain relation of functional model with object model and
dynamic model.

7. Draw a DFD for Online Admission System of an University. Make
necessary assumptions required.

8. Write short note on followings (minimum in 300 words)

     i) One –way association and two-way association

     ii) Issues in Concurrency Control 

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