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Mercy Killings Essay

Mercy Killing Essay

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Some people believe that mercy killing is not justifiable, while others argue against this…….

* In earth every human being has the inherent right to live.
The right to live is the most significant and basic need of all human.”.The word euthanasia (mercy killing) means
"good death." it originate from greek words "eu" and "thanatos . . We fight the forces of nature to stay youthful, healthy, and, to the greatest degree possible, immortal. Our crusaders, the physicians, arm themselves with shiny modern machinery and powerful drugs to repel the enemy for as long as possible. Meanwhile, we remove the dying from the flow of everyday life and confine them to institutions. As recently as 50 years ago, the majority of people died at…show more content…

The law of homicide already includes this exception for doctors, and much of the literature on death and dying treats the patient's legal and ethical power to refuse treatment.Suffering commonly affects patients with progressive illness--metastatic cancer, multiple sclerosis, Huntington's disease, and so on--where the diagnosis is firm and the prognosis dire. Patients often understand what lies in store. Much of the euthanasia literature fixates on pain, and the sufferings brought on by severe illness come in many flavors: dizziness, diarrhea, disfigurement, itching, insomnia, incontinence, exhaustion, strains upon relationships, shortness of breath, anxiety, cognitive impairment and dementia, debt, depression, disabilities of all kinds, dependency, loss of control, nausea, offensive odors, and the losses of dignity that can accompany these.and people those who are seriously injured in accident,or in a disaster feels lot of pain and they are sure about death,in such case with the permission of patient doctor kill them.prolple keep a big silence about Euthanasia. but after decades of secrets and silence, both the dying and those who have helped the dying have started speaking out about meticulous plans, about stock-piling drugs, suffocating loved ones with pillows and plastic bags, administering carbon monoxide or increased doses of

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Euthanasia:- Mercy Killing

“Euthanasia means an action which aims at taking the life of someone at his expressed request. It concerns an action of which death is the purpose and the result.” This delimitation applies only to voluntary euthanasia and excludes the non voluntary or involuntary euthanasia, the killing of a patient without the patient’s knowledge or consent. Some call this “life-terminating treatment.”

Euthanasia or ‘mercy killing’ is the direct intentional killing of a patient with either their consent without their consent when impossible or without consent but not sought. Many patients are in immense suffering and may be led to choose death as the answer by these ‘doctors’, friends or relatives. The culpability for the patient, in these cases May or relatives. The culpability for the patient, in these cases may Be lessened, but, this act of killing can never be justified. These patients, whether having an incurable disease, being elderly, or suffering in other ways, are crying out for help and love.

As humans we cannot always see the answered and for that reason, it is not we to decide about the death of a human being, god has not given us this authority. We must also ask ourselves concerning euthanasia; where will it end? If we allow the elderly or incurable to be assisted in suicide, what other groups will be given this right. Will the handicapped or mentally retarded be next? Will teenagers, who are the leading age group of suicide, also have this ‘right to die’?

The answer rests in our hands. If we continue to disrespect human life and its creator, God, then we will destroy ourselves. A right is a moral claim and since we do not have a claim on death, which itself has a claim on us, we cannot act for the right we don’t have. Perhaps Mother Teresa was right when she said that “if a mother can kill her own child, what is there to stop you and me from killing each other?”

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