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Vba Practice Assignments For Fourth

1 Create a Macro: Swap Values, Run Code from a Module, Macro Recorder, Use Relative References, FormulaR1C1, Add a Macro to the Toolbar, Macro Security, Protect Macro.

2 MsgBox: MsgBox Function, InputBox Function.

3 Workbook and Worksheet Object: Path and FullName, Close and Open, Loop through Books and Sheets, Sales Calculator, Files in a Directory, Import Sheets, Programming Charts.

4 Range Object: CurrentRegion, Dynamic Range, Resize, Entire Rows and Columns, Offset, From Active Cell to Last Entry, Union and Intersect, Test a Selection, Possible Football Matches, Font, Background Colors, Areas Collection, Compare Ranges.

5 Variables: Option Explicit, Variable Scope, Life of Variables.

6 If Then Statement: Logical Operators, Select Case, Tax Rates, Mod Operator, Prime Number Checker, Find Second Highest Value, Sum by Color, Delete Blank Cells.

7 Loop: Loop through Defined Range, Loop through Entire Column, Do Until Loop, Step Keyword, Create a Pattern, Sort Numbers, Randomly Sort Data, Remove Duplicates, Complex Calculations, Knapsack Problem.

8 Macro Errors: Debugging, Error Handling, Err Object, Interrupt a Macro, Macro Comments.

9 String Manipulation: Separate Strings, Reverse Strings, Convert to Proper Case, Count Words.

10 Date and Time: Compare Dates and Times, DateDiff Function, Weekdays, Delay a Macro, Year Occurrences, Tasks on Schedule, Sort Birthdays.

11 Events: BeforeDoubleClick Event, Highlight Active Cell, Create a Footer Before Printing, Bills and Coins, Rolling Average Table.

12 Array: Dynamic Array, Array Function, Month Names, Size of an Array.

13 Function and Sub: User Defined Function, Custom Average Function, Volatile Functions, ByRef and ByVal.

14 Application Object: StatusBar, Read Data from Text File, Write Data to Text File.

15 ActiveX Controls: Text Box, List Box, Combo Box, Check Box, Option Buttons, Spin Button, Loan Calculator.

16 Userform: Userform and Ranges, Currency Converter, Progress Indicator, Multiple List Box Selections, Multicolumn Combo Box, Dependent Combo Boxes, Loop through Controls, Controls Collection, Userform with Multiple Pages, Interactive Userform.

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