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Cmi Unit 5006 Assignment Of Mortgage

Cmi Level 5 Essay

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Management and Leadership Level 5

Management and Leadership

Contents Page Qualification structures Unit 5001 Unit 5002 Unit 5003 Unit 5004 Unit 5005 Unit 5006 Unit 5007 Unit 5008 Unit 5009 Unit 5010 Unit 5011 Unit 5012 Unit 5013 Personal development as a manager and leader Information based decision making Performance management Resource management Meeting stakeholder and quality needs Conducting a management project Financial control Marketing planning Project development and control Human resource development Managing recruitment and selection Being a leader Leadership practice 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

CMI June 08


Management and Leadership Qualification Structures CMI Level 5 Award in Management and…show more content…

5 Unit Number: 5002 QCA Unit Number A/501/5034


Credit value:


Guided Learning Hours outcomes Assessment


Learning The learner will:


The learner can: 1.1 Discuss the nature of data and information 1.2 Evaluate relevant sources of data and information 1.3 Discuss the criteria for selection of data and information 1.4 Identify the legal requirements relating to the collection, use and storage of data and information

1. Be able to identify and select sources of data and information

2. Be able to analyse and present information to support decision making

2.1 Evaluate the decision making models which are used to support decision making 2.2 Identify those to be involved in analysing information and decision making 2.3 Evaluate methods of presenting decisions made

3. Be able to communicate the results of information analysis and decisions

3.1 Evaluate methods of communicating decisions made 3.2 Discuss the processes communications method for implementing a

3.3 Evaluate the implementation of a

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Essay on Cmi 5001

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Management & Leadership
Unit 5001: Personal Development as a Manager and Leader

Student Name: | | Delivery Partner: | | Country of Study: | | Date Assignment Submitted: | |

Declaration Statement:
By submitting this assignment for assessment, I am also confirming that the following report is the result of my own study and efforts. I understand that if this not the case, I will be putting at risk the successful completion of this qualification.

You are required to prepare four short written statements and a brief reflection statement demonstrating your understanding and how you develop yourself as a manager and leader within your work area or in an organisation with which you are familiar. In order…show more content…

* Describe ways available to you for assessing your current skills and competencies against your defined role requirements and organisational objectives.

* What development opportunities are available to you to meet current and future needs?

* Construct a personal development plan for yourself which contains SMART objectives.

Illustrate your answers with examples from your own workplace where possible.

(Indicative word count: 625 – 750)

Part 2: By completing this unit, you should now be able to plan for the resources required for personal professional development (Learning Outcome 2)

* Explain the resources required to support your personal development plan.

* Develop a business case to present to your manager in order to secure these resources.

Illustrate your answers with examples from your own workplace where possible.

(Indicative word count: 625 – 750)

Part 3: By completing this unit, you should now be able to implement and evaluate the personal

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