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Wake Forest Baptist Expands RFID RTLS to Increase Benefits

As part of a five-year initiative, the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has deployed a real-time location system (RTLS) infrastructure designed to meet the needs of current use cases (asset management, temperature monitoring, blood bank supply monitoring, patient flow, staff duress, staff assistance nurse call, queue management and more), as well as future uses, to include extended patient workflow in the operating room, in the emergency department and across the enterprise. The RTLS infrastructure is deployed in all clinical areas of the fully integrated academic medical facility,, along with all ancillary support function areas that are part of the patient-flow process. This accounts for approximately 1,000 beds and 4 million square feet of RTLS coverage, in more than 8 multi-story buildings on the main campus. Learn how the firm continues to execute against this five-year initiative, and how the use of RTLS technology has moved well beyond tracking mobile medical assets.

Speaker: Mark Rheault, Director of Enterprise Visibility, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

  • RFID Duck Fits the Bill for Caretakers Comforting Kids With Cancer

    The RFID-enabled My Special Aflac Duck uses Sproutel technology to help young cancer patients convey their feelings with RFID-tagged emoji tokens, an IV kit and a soundscape-triggering rocket.

  • Florida Fire and Rescue Supplier Extends Visibility via RFID

    The Bonita Springs Fire Control and Rescue District, using RFID tagging services from supplier QuadMed and a solution from Silent Partner Technologies, has reduced its inventory spending by 30 percent, while the Broward County Sheriff's Fire and Rescue Office plans to track the goods it uses and sells for emergency services.

  • RFID Provides Tissue-Tracking Gains for Hospitals

    St. Dominic's, in Jackson, Miss., and North Kansas City Hospital are both using an RFID-enabled tissue- and implant-tracking system that includes TrackCore software to manage each item's location and status, as well as Terso RFID-enabled cabinets and coolers.

  • RFID Solution Cuts Scrubs Costs for Virginia Hospital

    LewisGale Medical Center has saved approximately $40,000 in scrub inventory expenses by managing the use of the medical-procedure uniforms with Autovalet Systems' CabiNet RFID Scrub Dispensers and DressCode software.

  • Integration Brings Wi-Fi-Enabled Data from Pumps to RTLS

    Stanley Healthcare is offering integration with Baxter infusion pumps so that users of the MobileView RTLS solution can track each pump's location and status without RFID tags.

  • RFID Helps Link Penguin Swimming Rates to Bumblefoot Infections

    The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden has equipped 13 of its penguins with RFID tags and installed readers at swimming pools, in order to determine how much time the aquatic birds spend in the water and correlate that data with the presence of lesions growing on their feet.

  • Polish Cancer Center Tracks Drug Temperatures via a Real-Time NFC-enabled Solution

    The system, from Bluog and Utz Group, includes NFC-enabled data-loggers, Near Field Communication readers attached to containers, and a cellular or Wi-Fi connection to software managing the read data.

  • Nebraska Hospital Boosts Efficiency, Patient Care With RFID

    Cardinal Health's Inventory Management Solutions, installed at Nebraska Medicine, track the storage and use of high-value supplies for surgical procedures, thereby reducing out-of-stocks and expirations, while also automating patient billing.

  • RFID Furthers Operational Efficiency for New York Hospital

    Northern Westchester Hospital is using a passive UHF RFID solution from Quake Global to identify the specific pod in which equipment is located.

  • Irish Hospital Tracks Precious Samples

    St. James's Hospital is identifying the locations and movements of biopsy tissues extracted from surgical patients, thereby ensuring that no samples end up missing, and is also using RFID to track artwork.

  • Hospital Updates Its Infant-Security System

    Conway Regional Health System adopted TotGuard to prevent abductions.

  • RFID Helps Secure Dignity for Senior Community Residents

    McLoughlin Place uses BriefWise to non-intrusively check the incontinent for wetness.

  • Community Hospital Finds RFID Is a Good Fit

    Wayne HealthCare uses the technology to lower the cost of managing IT assets and improve patient services.

  • RFID Gets to the Root of Surgical Services Problems

    Florida Hospital uses real-time location data to understand why delays and bottlenecks occur, to improve OR performance and patient satisfaction.

  • A Healthy Partnership Solves Hospital Problems

    TrackCore's Operating Room software, integrated with Terso's RFID cabinets, automates tissue and implant tracking, improving efficiencies, facilitating government compliance and boosting nurse satisfaction.

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